Helping Community Organisations Become Financially Sustainable and Create Viable Earned Income Enterprises that Employ their People
Enabling indigenous community organisations to become world class
We believe that for indigenous organisations to thrive, they need to have the ability to compete successfully in a global market and defend against international competition while holding firm to traditional values. 

The more successful the community organisations, the more social impact they can have in their communities, creating the opportunities that their people believe are important
Nuku's Mission is to Create Financially Sustainable Enterprises that Allow Indigenous Communities to Achieve their own Version of Success
We Have Been Working Hard Towards Creating Sustainable Indigenous Organisations, However We Were Missing One Vital Step ...
Our overriding social mission has always been to improve the lives of 10 million indigenous peoples. Over the past 6 years we have been working towards this mission with our social enterprise, Te Whare Hukahuka.

The purpose of Te Whare Hukahuka is to empower indigenous leaders to grow world-class social enterprises that focus on creating thriving communities. We worked with over 100 Māori organisations to strengthen their governance practices, develop robust strategic plans and reinforce their future governing structures through succession planning and youth programmes.

However, after 6 six years we learned that we were missing one vital component to creating self-sufficient, thriving communities - financial sustainability. 
Even if Māori Trusts have strong governance practices and social impact strategies, they are often reliant on external funding to be sustainable. This limits their tino rangatiratanga, their supreme independence to achieve their own dreams.
Our dream is still to give indigenous organisations their rangatiratanga, the freedom to control their own destiny. Our work with Te Whare Hukahuka strengthened their foundations, but we needed to find an new framework that would allow these organisations to climb to new heights.  To make real, lasting, and financially sustainable changes that will ultimately impact what matters most, the community.
" Rangatiratanga must include the ability to compete in a global market or defend against international competition while holding true to traditional values. The more economically successful our community organisations are, the more self-determined social impact they can have. This means that they get to determine the opportunities that their community believes are important. "
- Travis O'Keefe, Director 
Unpacking the Challenges with Becoming Financially Sustainable
From our work with Te Whare Hukahuka we learned that the majority of Māori Trusts and organisations are asset rich but cash poor. This means that they have farmland, forest, lakes, rivers shorelines, and seafood quota; however these resources are producing low-value primary industry products.

These products are often sold at a low-price to middlemen and big corporations who add the value,  marketing and the mark-up. The trusts were reliant on these middlemen and corporations as they did not have the capital, expertise or market experience to do it themselves.

Without many other options, most Māori organisations have stayed with the status quo; making the same low returns and remaining 'asset rich and cash poor'.
The key to breaking the cycle is to find a way to add-value to indigenous products and to then market and sell those products to the global community, efficiently and effectively.
We've Been Working with Ecommerce Experts to Break Down the Constraints that have Traditionally Held Indigenous Businesses Back
It used to be that if you wanted to try a new bringing a new product to market, you needed a lot of capital

You would need to spend money speculating what sort of products the market might like, then hire a team to design your product. 

You would build or hire a factory to start producing it, then have a marketing and design team to sort out packaging and advertising, which would then be given to a sales team, who would try to find stores that would stock your product. 

All of this would have to be done in the domestic market before you could even think about going international (which would contain a whole list of new problems!) That's a lot right?! It is little wonder that so many indigenous enterprises get overwhelmed and stick to their low-return.
Using Cutting Edge Tools, Knowledge and Strategies,  We've Found Out How to Minimise the Risk and Capital Required to Compete in the Global Market. 
We've drawn on the experience of successful ecommerce experts and found data and evidence based approaches to decrease the time, money and risk involved in finding, testing, developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling products to the global market.

We are going to take this knowledge and apply it to indigenous enterprises. We want to show the world the value in indigenous products and tell the stories behind the people that produce them.
Some of the Ways Nuku Can Help Indigenous Enterprises Become More Sustainable
Realtime Market and Product Research to Test Opportunities for the Target Market
Utilising Freelance Designers and Photographers to Tell Your Product  and Brand Story.
Outsourcing Production and Manufacturing. Getting Samples, Inspections and International Certifications to Ensure Quality.
Fast Tracking and Mitigating the Risks Associated with International Shipping and Customs
Finding Warehouses, Fulfilment Services and International Customer Service Teams to Sell Your Products Across the Globe.
Online Marketing Hacks, to Get More Eyes on your Product, Convert More Sales, Grow You Brand and Tell Your Story.
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